A total of USD 175 billion in finance linked to biodiversity risk was provided to the logistics sectors in 2019.

42% 58%
Total loans of all 50 banks:
USD 175 Billion
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Ten banks with largest finance at risk in the movement of goods and people sector (2019, million USD)


Food retail and distribution, ground freight and logistics, and oil and gas transportation services received the majority of loans.

The ten largest banks providing finance to this sector are all headquartered in North America and Europe. These banks accounted for 58 per cent of all loans linked to direct or indirect biodiversity risks in this sector.

Industry Scope

Global economies rely on the largely uninhibited movement of people and goods. Estimates of the size of the global logistics market range between USD 5 trillion and USD 12 trillion.

It has been argued that about 12 per cent of global GDP can be linked to the logistics industry

Top exporters of global commodities (2018, million USD)

Top importers of global commodities (2018, million USD)

Total trade value: 19,000,000

Biodiversity Impact

Airborne and seaborne transportation of goods and people has risen dramatically in recent years, causing increased pollution and a significant rise in invasive species.

Roading and land-based transport, and related events such as the draining of wetlands and the spilling of oil or hazardous materials, can cause destruction, pollution, and fragmentation of habitats.

The transport and logistics sector is responsible for nearly a quarter of the total energy-related CO2 emissions, making it a major contributor to global warming. More than 70 per cent of transport-related emissions originate from road transportation.

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